College Scholarships

County Scholarships

Brian Wacker Memorial Scholarship
The Brian Wacker Memorial Scholarship was started in 2018 by his family and friends. Brian was very active as a mentor in the Lewis and Clark 4-H community throughout his daughters’ 14 years of participation, as well as being a member himself for 10 years in his youth. The years in-between and after would still frequently find him in the barn during the shows and market sale, giving back to the community that had helped to shape him through his involvement. 

One (1) $1000.00 scholarship will be awarded during the Lewis & Clark County Last Chance Stampede & Fair in honor of Brian’s memory and commitment to the program.
Applicants must: (1) be active members in the Lewis & Clark County 4-H program, (2) the recipient of a purple ribbon or above in showmanship with a market animal for the year prior to the scholarship being awarded, and (3) currently enrolled in or accepted to a post-secondary college or institution.
Due April 1st.

Lewis & Clark 4-H Foundation
The 4-H Foundation awards four (4) $500 scholarships to current graduating seniors.
Applicants must: (1) attend an accredited post-secondary college or institution, and (2) be an active 4-H member in Lewis and Clark County. The scholarship will be given based on 4-H and community involvement.
Due April 1st.

Pam Michels 4-H Memorial Scholarship
The Pam Michels Memorial Scholarship ($500) was launched in July of 1978 at the 4-H Livestock Sale. Pam passed in May of that year just short of her 16th birthday and a scholarship was initiated in her honor. The scholarship is for an accredited post-secondary college or institution.
Applicants must: (1) be active 4-H member in Lewis and Clark County, (2) enrolled in a Market Beef, Market Sheep or Market Swine Project and selling in the current year at the Livestock Sale, and (3) be a high school graduate (senior year of receipt or a freshman at the college level or equivalent).
Due April 1st.

Application for all county scholarships.

State Scholarships

The Montana 4-H Foundation offers a number of college scholarships. All scholarships require certain criteria to be met in order to be awarded.
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County Sponsorships

The Helena McDonald's (Terry Gauthier) offers a sponsorship to new or existing 4-H members new to the livestock project. This helps 4-Hers in need or without a location to raise an animal have a chance to raise livestock for the fair.
McDonald's Livestock Sponsorship Application

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