Woodworking Project

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Woodworking is a perfect project choice if you like wood and enjoy using tools and building things. Can you see yourself someday building a table, wood toy, or chair? As a beginning woodworker, you can build practical  and useful objects. As your skills grow, you'll be able to make most of the objects in your house or even build a home! No matter what you make, the joy of completing a woodworking project is great. you'll build and construct items using wood and a wide variety of woodworking tools. 

Each year you should do at least seven of the required and optional activities listed in the manual. In addition, you should take part in at least two leadership experiences each year. To complete each level of woodworking, you should complete at least 21 total required and optional activities in three years or less. 

Project Book Required?: Unknown

Woodworking project books can be found HERE

Superintendent: Dave Swanson
Contact: daveswanson4(at)icloud.com or 406.459.3950