Citizenship Project

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Navigating Citizenship Levels 1 & 2

The 4-H Citizenship Curriculum incorporates several different successful models of civic engagement to educate members about three specific areas: Montana Government, United States Federal Government, and Montana Tribal Government. You will learn how to get involved, who's who, and how each of us fits into the overall government process. Discover how to become an active citizen when you participate in this project.

Project Book Required:

-Navigating Citizenship 

Global Citizenship

As you discover the world with this 4-H project, you will learn what it means to be a global citizen, find out about other cultures, and about cultural exchange programs.

Project Book Required:

-Passport to the World

Interested in Intrastate or Interstate Exchange?

-Interstate Exchange and Hosting: Recommended Best Practices

This year Lewis and Clark County 4-H is looking into an exchange with Phillips County. More details to come soon!

Citizenship Superintendent: Vacant - Interim is Kara Tangedal
Contact: kara.tangedal(at) or 406.447.8349

Citizenship Seminar