Step 1

Getting Started

The best way to get started in 4-H is to first decide which club works best for you based on meeting times, dates, and location. Review the Club Meeting Dates and Locations link below to help with your selection. Don't let the name of the club stop you from checking them out. In our county, members in all clubs are involved in a variety of projects. You must be a member of a club to participate in county project activities and workshops. 

Step 2

Join a Club

Contact the Club Leader and express your interest in joining the club. Find out about the club activities, requirements and expectations. Club Leaders are a great resource to guide you through the process. There are likely to be changes in the club list and leaders the start of each 4-H year.

 Step 3


Complete the 4-H enrollment forms using the Clover: Montana 4-H Project Selection Guide (Clover) to select your projects. The enrollment packet includes an enrollment form, a Project Worksheet, a Code of Conduct form, a Media Release form, and an Animal Project Permission form if enrolling in certain animal projects. Sign the enrollment forms and submit them to the Club Leader with the $10.00 yearly enrollment fee. Several projects require additional project fees which will be collected when participating in the project.

Step 4

Find Project Resources

Project books - the educational materials that supplement hands-on activities - are listed in the Clover under project requirements. Project books are typically ordered through your Club Leader and cost approximately $6.00 to $9.00 each.



Step 5

Stay Connected and Informed

Check the monthly Newsletter, 4-H website and Lewis & Clark County 4-H facebook page for the latest news, project workshops, county activities, and project contact information.



Montana 4-H Age Requirements

Participation in 4-H is divided into the following age groups based on the educational and developmental needs of each group. "4-H age" refers to the members' age on the first day of the program year, October 1st.

Cloverbuds: 5-7 years old
Junior/Intermediate: 8-13 years old
Senior: 14-19 years old
Volunteers - 19 years and older

In addition, some 4-H projects have age requirements for participation. Project-specific age requirements are noted in the Clover at the beginning of the project description.