Enrollment and Project Forms

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  • Youth can enroll in 4-H between October 1 -May 1 each year.

  • Re-Enrollment forms and a $10.00 enrollment fee are due to the Extension Office by December 31st.

    • Re-enrollments forms received after December 31st will require $50.00 membership dues.
    • No re-enrollment forms will be accepted after February 1st.

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Age Requirements

4-H age is always calculated using October 1 of the current 4-H year. For example, if a 4-H member turns 14 on December 15, their 4-H age is still 13 years old until the next 4-H year.

  • Cloverbud: 4-H members 5-8 years old (as of October 1). This is the only option for members under 8 years old. It is a non-competitive educational project and is the only project they can enroll.
  • Traditional 4-H Member: Youth who are 8-18 years old (as of October 1). Members may participate fully in the program and competitive activities. This category is broken down further into the following categories often used for competitions and events:

    • Junior 4-H Member: Members who are 8-13 years old (as of October 1)
    • Senior 4-H Member: Members who are 14-18 years old (as of October 1)

Project Requirements
Due to safety concerns, some projects have age limitations. The following project areas follow different age guidelines:

  • Green Horse and Colt-to-Maturity (Horse): Must be at least 12 years old (and completed levels 1-3 of Horsemanship)
  • Leadership: Must be at least 13 years old (as of October 1)
  • Shooting Sports: Must be at least 9 years old (as of October 1)


4-H membership is open to all eligible youth. Montana State University Extension does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital and family status.