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           Last Chance Stampede & Fair

Hi-Point Winners

 Jr: Alexis Sandoval
 Sr: Josie Hamilton

Jr: Trinity Bartmess
Sr: Josie Hamilton


 Jr. Colter Feight
 Sr: Hailee Davis
Jr: Isabelle Lowry
Sr: Samantha Wigen


 Jr: JoLeahAnn Parker
Jr: Isabelle Lowry
Sr: Becky deMontigny


 Jr: Kaitlyn Davis
 Sr: Shea Sullivan
Jr: Alexis Sandoval
Sr: Clancy Olson

Round Robin Winners


  • Katelyn McKay, Grand
  • Becky deMontigny, Reserve


  • Alexsis Sandoval, Grand
  • Isabell Lowry, Reserve
  • Mariah Olson, Reserve

Livestock Sale


IMPORTANT: Our kids work hard to prepare their animals for the sale and so to ensure timely payment, we've put a payment policy in place: "Payment is due on the day of sale unless arrangements have been made by the buyer with the Extension Office prior to the date of the Livestock Sale." Please contact Extension if you need to make prior arrangements. See our Livestock Sale Policy for more information.

Pocket Bids

 For information on open classes, rodeo, concert and other Fair activities visit the Fairgrounds website.

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