Apply to be a 4-H Volunteer

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Who Can Be A Volunteer?

Anyone over 18 years of age who completes the 4-H Volunteer Certification Process below can work one-on-one with youth and be recognized as a certified 4-H volunteer. BUT you don't need to be certified to volunteer with us or help our leaders out! Call the extension office if you have any questions.

Re-Enrolling As A Volunteer

If you are re-enrolling as a Lewis and Clark County 4-H Volunteer, please complete the form below and submit to the Extension Office by December 31st.

The Process of Applying As A New Volunteer


Step 1:

Fill out the following forms (you can fill them out online and e-mail/print them, or print them and fill them out with a pen)

Step 2:

We will enroll you in 4-H Online and use Verified Volunteers to run a background check

Step 3: 

Staff at the Montana 4-H Center will review results of the background check and any applicant disclosures.

  • If your background screening is clear, you will be approved on 4-H online and will receive an acceptance letter from the Lewis and Clark County Extension Office
  • If your background screening is not clear, and/or you disclosed information on your application, the Montana 4-H Center conducts a reference check, and approves/rejects the applicant based on the background check and the references. Applicants may be approved with restrictions, which will be outlined in the acceptance letter sent by the 4-H State Office.
  • If you are not approved in a timely manner, this may be because:

    • The above steps were not completed.
    • Incomplete information was received.

Step 4:

Hopefully you were approved! You will be notified of professional development opportunities throughout the year. In the meantime, please take a look at the 4-H Volunteer Orientation Factsheet