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Benefits of Volunteering

  • Share your passion with youth
  • Feel pride in making a big impact in the lives of others
  • Develop and refine your teaching skills
  • Understand and contribute to your community
  • Be part of something bigger than yourself

Ways to Volunteer

  • Assist or judge at an event
  • Teach a topic you enjoy
  • Chaperone a trip or event
  • Lead a project or club
  • Support event planning, accounting, fundraising, or other aspects of the program
  • Mentor and encourage youth

Who Can Volunteer?

  • Anyone over 18
  • Anyone who wants to make the best better
  • Must be willing to complete a background check
  • Must be willing to attend professional development

We Need Help With...

  • Citizenship
  • STEAM Projects

    • Wildlife, Entomology, Forestry

  • Outdoor Pursuits
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Scholarship Administration
  • Fundraising
  • Advertising


We can always use more people on the following committees: