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Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent of Schools Katrina Chaney

Superintendent of Schools Katrina Chaney

Superintendent of Schools Contact Information:

Contact: Katrina Chaney
Address: 316 N. Park,
Room 221 Helena, MT
Phone: (406) 447-8344
Fax: (406) 447-8398
E-mail: e-mail


The Office of the Lewis and Clark County Superintendent of Schools performs administrative, financial, legal, record keeping, and transportation-supervisory services for all schools in the county.  The office assists school boards, educators, students, parents, and taxpayers in general to understand and implement federal, state and local laws applicable to education.  The Superintendent is a liaison between the state and local governmental units.

The Superintendent's office is a central source of information and a distribution center.  Official acts are kept on record such as school census information, school district organization, classification and boundary adjustments.  Records for preservation include attendance agreements, student enrollment, annual data collection, transportation contracts, election data (trustee, mill levy, bond), final budgets, trustee annual reports, school audits, home school notification, etc.

Duties of the Office

Brochure:  Role of the County Superintendent of Schools