Duties of the office include:

  • Provide administrative oversight and assistance for rural schools, including staff development, curriculum supervision, and teacher evaluation. Serve as attendance officer, resource specialist, policy and financial adviser for rural boards, and representative to multi district boards and service providers.

  • Attend school board meetings by request.

  • Interpret school laws.

  • Provide advice to school districts on financial alternatives.

  • Oversee school elections and administer oaths of office.

  • Serve as hearings officer for school controversies.

  • Register certificates of teachers and administrators.

  • Serve as chairperson for the County Transportation Committee, which reviews individual transportation contracts, sets bus routes, certifies bus drivers, and monitors bus inspections.

  • Classify school districts, set school boundaries, and process isolation applications.

  • Register home schools.

  • Review and approve all school budgets, compute revenues, and file final and emergency budgets with Office of Public Instruction.

  • Coordinate the flow of information between school clerks and the Office of Public Instruction.

  • Set school levies for County Commission approval.

  • Review and approve specified state disbursements to school districts.

  • Review, approve, and submit specified school reports to Office of Public Instruction.

  • Maintain records of official acts; preserve records, reports and documents; and provide information to school districts and the public.

  • Reply to all inquiries pertaining to schools and school personnel.

  • Provide services to individuals and districts that fall within the scope of state statutes.

A list schools and colleges with-in Lewis and Clark County