Office of the Coroner


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Lewis and Clark County Coroner’s Office is to serve the citizens and visitors of Lewis and Clark County by conducting thorough Medicolegal Death Investigations, Seeking Truth and Showing Compassion.  Establishing and maintaining a cooperative, professional partnership with law enforcement agencies, funeral homes and other community members.


The Lewis and Clark County Coroner’s Office is responsible for carrying out the statutory duties of the Coroner’s Office.  Those duties include investigation into the circumstances surrounding all deaths within the Coroner’s Jurisdiction for the purpose of determining the identity of the deceased, cause of death and the manner of death.  Medicolegal death investigations are conducted countywide on all homicides, suicides, accidents, suspicious and unexplained deaths.  Other duties include notifying the next of kin, safeguarding personal property, collection of evidence, and completion of mandatory records and documents.

Core Values

*Integrity* Education* Innovation* Responsiveness* Compassion*

Contact Information:

Office of the Coroner
111 North Rodney St.
Suite #C
Helena, Montana 59601-4226

Business Hours - 24 hours a day
Phone: 406-442-7398
FAX: 406-447-8298