Pretrial Services Program

Pretrial Services is a new program with the Lewis and Clark County Criminal Justice Services Department. This program was launched in May of 2018 as a pilot program for the State of Montana, funded in part by the Montana Healthcare Foundation. Further funding for this vital program comes from the Jail Levy, which passed overwhelmingly in November 2017.

Where is Pretrial Services Located?

Currently, Pretrial Services is located in the City-County Building.

316 N. Park Ave. Room 148

What is Pretrial Services?

Pretrial Services is a program used by criminal justice systems across the United States to reduce the number of individuals sitting in jail while they wait up to three months for their trial date.  Our Pretrial Services Program saves Lewis and Clark County $120 per day for each defendant in the Program, improves the rate of court appearances, and enhances overall public safety. We use the Laura and John Arnold Foundation's Public Safety Assessment (PSA) to determine the risk level of each person charged with a crime. The PSA is used by the judges when deciding if individuals should be released while awaiting trial or if they should wait in the jail. To get in to the Pretrial Services Program, the Judge overseeing the defendant's case needs to order them to the program.  Once in the Program, one of our Pretrial Officers will assist the defendant in connecting to necessary resources, help the defendant abide by court orders, and make sure they appear at all their scheduled court dates.

Pretrial Services Contact Information

Main Phone: 406-457-8845

Office Hours:

8:00am - 4:00pm
Monday - Friday
(except holidays)

Pretrial Officers

Jason Sexton


Jenn Norris