Citizens Advisory Council

The Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) was formed by order of the Board of County Commissioners in 2012 to act as an advisory group to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC). The primary purpose of the CAC is to solicit citizen input and make recommendations as part of the CJCC's responsibility to study and then make improvements to the local criminal justice system to achieve the highest levels of public safety and program cost and effectiveness.

The CAC has been successful in contributing to a number of issues important to the citizens of Lewis and Clark County:

  • Researched, prepared, and presented reports to the CJCC on five unique criminal justice issues. Each of the five reports and the recommendations there-in were accepted unanimously by the CJCC and the County Commissioners.
  • Actively supported the successful ballot initiatives approved by the electorate: a construction bond to remodel and expand the existing detention facility, and an operational mill levy for the development of programs to help manage the detention population growth and maintain public safety.
  • Created the Department of Criminal Justice Services whose function it is to assist the courts and other county officials better manage existing, and implement new local criminal justice programs.

The CAC will continue to provide the advice and assistance of a citizen’s voice as we manage our way into the future.

Mission Statement

The CAC exists to provide citizen input into the safety of the citizens of Lewis and Clark County, the efficient and just treatment of defendants and offenders, the protection and healing of victims, and to work toward prevention of crime and the reduction of recidivism.

CAC Members

The CAC is comprised of professionals, service providers, stakeholders, and interested public totaling 25 members:

Curt Chisholm, Chair
Abigail J. St. Lawrence
Dennis Taylor
Gary Mihelish
Gene Prendergast
Greg Strizich
John Wilkinson
Jonathan Jackson
Judy Rolfe
Kiley Gage
Kim Leighton
Marshall Gingery
Michelle Marshal
Mike Mahoney
Moffie Funk
Quentin Johnson
Ray Paige
Ruthie Hill
SK Rossi
Teresa Charlton
Theresa Ortega
Tom Cordingly
23rd seat is vacant
24th seat is vacant
25th seat is vacant