Mental Health Local Advisory Council

General Meetings

The Mental Health Local Advisory Council usually meets:
 First Tuesday of every month
11:30am - 12:30pm
Intermountain - 3240 Dredge Dr.

Please check the agenda under the LAC Agendas and Minutes link to verify date, time, and location as changes may be made to accommodate holidays and other conflicts.

In 2011 the Lewis and Clark County Board of Commissioners passed Resolution 2011-174 authorizing the creation of the Mental Health Local Advisory Council (LAC). From this date forward, the LAC's specific objectives have maintained to include the following:

  • Examine gaps in child and adult services and recommend solutions when gaps are identified.
  • Identify potential additions to services within Lewis and Clark County for recommendation to the County Commissioners.
  • When identified, analyze and discuss local problems experienced by Lewis and Clark County service providers, advocacy groups, public officials and the general public
  • Facilitate accurate and timely communications.
  • Assess the effectiveness of Lewis and Clark County mental health services and suggest ways of making services more effective.
  • When identified, serve as a catalyst and facilitator in solving Lewis and Clark County mental health service problems.
  • Recommend strategies for organization and coordination of mental health services in Lewis and Clark County, when identified.
  • Work with mental health providers to provide education to the Lewis and Clark County public on mental health issues.


In order to better address the public mental health needs of Lewis and Clark County, the LAC formed three subcommittees in early 2018. Each subcommittee has a specific focus as follows:

  • Subcommittee 1 - Evaluate effectiveness, accessibility, and quality of community mental health services
  • Subcommittee 2 – Community outreach and communication
  • Subcommittee 3 – Identify gaps in community mental health services and make recommendations for additional services, as needed

Mission Statement

The purpose of the LAC is to assist in the improvement of Lewis and Clark County public mental health services and to review and make recommendations about Lewis and Clark County’s public mental health services to the Lewis and Clark County Commissioners, as well as provide input and recommendations to the State of Montana’s Mental Health Oversight Advisory Council (MHOAC) and the State of Montana’s Service Area Authorities (SAA) serving the community.

LAC Members

The Lewis and Clark County Commission appoints all members of the LAC.

Jill-Marie Steeley, Chair
Matt Furlong, Vice Chair
John Wilkinson, Past Chair

Andy Hunthausen
Brian Coplin
Lt. Cory Bailey
Drenda Niemann
Gary Mihelish
Jon Jackson
Katie Jerstad
Kim Gardner
Margaret Strachan
Michelle Marshal
Molly Protheroe
Raynor Roberts
Wilmot Collins
Wynn Randall

4 Consumers or Family Members
2 Lewis and Clark County Schools Representatives
1 St. Peter's Hospital Representative

 If you are interested in filling any of the above positions, please fill out the following application.

Board Application