Water & Sewer Districts are governed by Montana Code Annotated
Title 7, Chapter 13, Parts 22 and 23

Once incorporated, the District becomes its own legal entity, governed by a Board of Directors who must abide by these statutes.

The creation of a district requires a petition to create the district (7-13-2204).

Once the petition has been submitted and verified the Board of County Commissioners must hold a hearing and determine:
1. The petition meets the provisions of the statute (7-13-2206)
2. Define the boundaries based upon benefiting criteria (7-13-2208)

If the petition meets the provisions and the boundaries are determined, the Commission must then call for an election (unless all property owners have signed the petition).

Voter Qualifications
District Board Members

If the electors of the district vote to incorporate the district, the Board of Directors shall hold its first meeting on the sixth Monday after the first general election after the election of the board of directors.

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