Committee Members and Staff Information

Members serve at the will of the County Commission. Initially, there shall be 4 one-year terms, 4 two-year terms, and 5 three-year terms. Upon expiration of an initial term, terms shall be three years. Members may serve successive terms. A member may request reappointment by the County Commission. In the event a member resigns or is removed before the end of his term, the County Commission may appoint a new member to serve the remaining unexpired term.
(from the By-Laws, adopted August 2009.)


Board Officers:

  • Connie Cole (Helena Valley Rep) - Chair
  • Kim Patterson (At Large) - Vice Chair

Board Members:

  • Sarah Christopherson (At Large)
  • Sara Meloy (At Large)
  • Renee Lundberg (Lincoln Rep)
  • Zach Wirth (Craig/Wolf Creek Rep, CE Holder)
  • Rob McDonough (Augusta/Ag Rep, CE Holder)
  • Kevin League (At Large)
  • Gary Ellingson (Forest/Timber Interest)
  • Art Compton (At Large)
  • Mike Bishop (serving at the pleasure of the Commission)



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