The Community Development and Planning Department is responsible for the coordination and guidance of growth and development through planning, zoning, subdivision review, parks, transportation, and special districts.

BUILDINGS FOR LEASE OR RENT - The County regulates buildings for lease or rent on a single tract of land pursuant to 76-8-101 through 76-8-114, MCA.

COUNTY GROWTH POLICY - Adopted growth policies guide long range, non-regulatory planning, and establish a broad framework for proceeding with more detailed shorter-range planning.

FEE SCHEDULE- Fees collected for applications, requests, permits and other activities administered by the Community Development and Planning Department.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION- This office works for the Historic Preservation Commission and collaborates with various entities in: hosting events/activities, providing information, guiding and advocating lessened impacts to historical areas, advising City and County.

PARKS AND TRANSPORTATION- Groups and standards for improving parks and transportation within our county.

PERMITS- The Permitting Office was established to coordinate appointments, resources, fee transactions and County permits.

PUBLIC MEETINGS- Public input is sought through a number of meetings held by various Boards, Committees and Commissions.

SPECIAL DISTRICTS- Assists residents in the processes relating to Rural Improvement Districts, Water and Sewer Districts, and Fire Districts.

SUBDIVISION REGULATION- The County regulates land development through a variety of technical standards designed to promote public health, safety and welfare.

ZONING- Part I (Citizen Initiated) and Part II (County Initiated) zoning is managed and established through the department's zoning administrator.

Community Development and Planning Contact Information

Department Phone: (406) 447-8374  
Department Email: Email
Location: Room 230, City/County Building

Mailing Address:
Lewis and Clark County
Community Development and Planning Department
316 N. Park Ave., Helena, MT 59623

Hours: 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

To provide high quality service, encourage public participation, improve communication, and utilize clear objectives, standards, and procedures.