Offices to be Elected in Lewis and Clark County in 2018

Special Purpose Districts Electing Officers in 2018

Conservation Districts

Lewis & Clark County Conservation District

Community Councils

Upper Blackfoot Valley Community Council

County Water and/or Sewer Districts

Lincoln/Lewis and Clark Sewer District

Treasure State Acres County Sewer District

Augusta Community Water/Sewer District

Bridge Creek Estates Water/Sewer District

Craig Water/Sewer District

East Canyon Ferry Water/Sewer District

East Clark Street Water/Sewer District

La Casa Grande Water/Sewer District

Rimini Community Water/Sewer District

Ten Mile Creek Estates/Pleasant Valley Water/Sewer District

West Canyon Ferry County Water/Sewer District

Wolf Creek County Water/Sewer District

Fire Districts and Fire Service Areas

Augusta Volunteer Fire District

Baxendale Volunteer Fire District

Birdseye Volunteer Fire District

Canyon Creek Rural Fire District

East Helena Valley Volunteer Fire District

Eastgate Volunteer Fire District

Lincoln Fire District

Marysville Volunteer Fire District

West Helena Valley Fire District

Augusta Fire Service Area

Tri-Lakes Fire Service Area

Wolf Creek/Craig Fire Service Area

York Fire Service Area

Hospital Districts

Lincoln Hospital District

Irrigation Districts

Helena Valley Irrigation District

Park Districts

Treasure State Acres Park District

School Districts Electing Officers in 2018

Helena Elementary/High School District #1

Canyon Creek/Trinity Elementary District #4

East Helena Elementary School District #9

Wolf Creek Elementary School District #13

Auchard Creek Elementary School District #27

Lincoln K-12 School District #38

Augusta Elementary/High School District #45


County Offices to be Elected in 2018

County Commissioner District #1

County Treasurer/Clerk and Recorder

County Sheriff/Coroner

County Attorney/Public Administrator

County Superintendent of Schools

County Justice of the Peace


State and Federal Offices to be Elected in 2018*

*This list only includes offices that will be voted on in Lewis and Clark County. For a complete list, visit the Secretary of State's website.

State Representatives (House Districts 17, 70, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, and 84)

State Senators (Senate Districts 09, 41, and 42)

District Court Judges (District 1, Dept. 1 and District 1 Dept. 2)

Supreme Court Justices (remainder of term for #2 and full term for #4)

United States Senator

United States Representative

Public Service Commissioner, District 5

Campaign Regulations & Campaign Finance

The Commissioner of Political Practices enforces campaign finance and campaign practice laws. For more information about campaign practices, finances, and related reports, visit the Commissioner of Political Practices' website.

Political Sign Regulations

In the City of Helena political signs are regulated by city ordinance and cannot be placed on city property or on public rights-of-way, including boulevards between the sidewalk and street. The Helena Community Development Department has some information about sign regulations. If you have questions or would like to report a violation, contact Elroy Golemon at 406-447-8448.

In the State of Montana the Montana Department of Transportation regulates political sign placement on interstate highways in accordance with Administrative Rule 18.6.246. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Right of Way Bureau at 406-444-6068.

If you have a complaint about a political sign that is not in Helena City limits or along the interstate, we recommend you contact the candidate or candidate's political party directly. If you are not sure how to contact the candidate or candidate's party, please call us at 406-447-8339 or email us at elections(at) for assistance.