Election Forms

Form Use
Voter Registration Application Application to register to vote. Also used to update name, address, or signature.

Absentee Ballot Application

Request to receive a ballot in the mail. Can be used to request a ballot for a specific election, or to sign up for the absentee list and receive all ballots in the mail.
Replacement Ballot Request Form For voters who were issued a mail/absentee ballot and need to request a new one. This form can only be used if the original ballot has not yet been returned.
Application for Designation of Agent Voters with a disability use this form to appoint someone to assist them with voter registration, ballot requests, and voting. Authorizes voter's agent to sign on behalf of the voter. Form must be completed in front of two witnesses - see form for more details.
Request for Voter File or Absentee List Request for list of registered voters or list of absentee voters. List may be purchased for noncommercial use only.