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Paulette DeHart -- Clerk and Recorder/Treasurer

Paulette is a 1974 graduate of Helena High School. She has been an employee of Lewis and Clark County since 1978. Prior to taking the position of Lewis and Clark County Treasurer/Clerk and Recorder in 1993 Paulette held several positions with the County, including Budget Officer and Accounting Technician.

Some of the accomplishments Paulette has made in the last few years include, clean, qualified audits by independent auditors, national recognition for excellence in financial reporting for the last fourteen years, performing audits of departments within the County and reformatting the tax bills to include detailed information to the taxpayers on the distribution of tax dollars.

During her administration, Paulette will complete her project to automate and modernize the Lewis and Clark County Recorders Office. Archaic manual searches from books and microfilm, in place at the start of her tenure in 1993, will be replaced with updated, state of the art computer equipment.  Another goal is to establish electronic recording of documents in the near future.

Paulette has been married to Dale DeHart for 43 years and has two sons, James and Josef.

Treasurer/Clerk and Recorder Contact Information:

Paulette DeHart
316 N Park Ave/Room #168
Helena, MT 59623
Phone (406) 447-8334
Fax: (406) 457-8598
Email: pdehart(at)