New Voter Confirmation Cards Coming to Lewis and Clark County Voters

Published on January 03, 2024


Helena, MT – Beginning in January 2024, the Lewis and Clark County Elections Office will be sending new Voter Confirmation Cards with updated precinct and polling place information as well as other notifications to county voters to help ensure that voter information on record is accurate.

Every ten years, the Montana Legislature adjusts the boundaries of the state House and Senate Districts to reflect population growth. Voters will receive new Voter Confirmation Cards with their updated precinct number and polling place.

“Lewis and Clark County saw a significant shift to both House and Senate District boundaries,” said Connor Fitzpatrick, Lewis and Clark County Elections Division Supervisor. “We did our best to keep as many of the polling places the same for our voters, but some people will notice a change.”

In addition to the new voter registration cards, the Elections Office will also be sending out notices to voters who filed a change of address with the United States Postal Service, absentee voters and Uniformed and Overseas Voters (UOCAVA) to ensure their information is still accurate. Voters with a seasonal address will also be contacted in the coming weeks to confirm the address they will be at and the dates they will be out of the county.

When they receive a notification, voters should confirm that their information is correct and contact the Elections Office if changes need to be made. If you receive a notice at your address addressed to a voter that no longer lives there, please return the notice by writing “return to sender” on the front.

“2024 will be a busy election year,” said Fitzpatrick, “and you can help the Elections Office by making sure your information is up to date ahead of Election Day.

To update your voter status, please contact the Lewis and Clark County Elections Office at 406-447-8339.

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