Circle of Security Parenting Classes and Support Group

Grandparents and baby   Kid and Man

Both the classes and the support group are free and open to all parents in the Helena area. The focus is on families with children under age 8, but parents of older children are also welcome. 

Circle of Security Parenting Classes: 8-10 week courses are regularly scheduled. The goal of the classes is to improve a child's sense of security within a family, which research has shown leads to better self-esteem, better relationships, enhanced school readiness, and improved ability to cope with emotions.

Parenting Support Group: Under the guidance of a professionally trained facilitator, support groups are also available to people who are enrolled in Circle of Security.

Seven Generations: LCPH contracts with Lewis and Clark County’s Criminal Justice System to provide a program to ultimately reduce the number of children whose parents have been incarcerated from entering the juvenile justice system and/or taken into custody as an adult.  This voluntary program provides evidence-based programs such as Circle of Security to parents of children ages 0-3 and their caregivers to improve parenting skills and create healthy attachment with their children.