Contact the PureView Health Center

Clinic Locations

PureView Health Center
1930 Ninth Avenue
Helena, MT 59601
Medical Clinic: 406-457-0000
Dental Clinic: 406-457-8928

Fax: 406-457-8992
Mondays-Thursday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Friday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Parker Medical Center
PO Box 729
Lincoln, MT  59639-0729
Fax: 406-362-4850
Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM
Closed Noon to 1 PM

HealthCare for the Homeless
God's Love Shelter
533 North Main
Helena, MT 59601
Case Management: Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM
Clinic: Monday-Wenesday 8 AM to 11 AM

PVHC Staff

Cynthia Alarcon Physician Assistant 406-457-0000
Dawn Allen Administrative Assistant 406-457-8969
Rebecca Baraby Clinic Case Manager 406-456-8969
Susan Bell Registered Dental Hygienist 406-457-8928
Karon Bielen Clinic Nurse 406-457-0000
Laura Broussard Nurse Practitioner     406-362-4603
Debra Bullington RN/Diabetes Case Manager 406-457-8968
Villette Burk Behavioral Health Case Manager 406-457-8906
Terri Campbell Dental Administrative Assistant 406-457-8928
Kelsie Christianson Registered Dental hygienist   406-457-8928
Ivey Clayton Billing Specialist 406-457-8943
Stephen Cocca Outreach and Education Worker 406-513-1600
Carly Colligan Clinic Nurse 406-457-8933
Kim Defer Accounts Payable 406-457-8966
Hali Emge Nurse Care Manager  406-457-0000
Jayme Foster Dental Assistant 406-457-8928
Holly Gomez-Levine Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner 406-457-0000
Dawn Gormely Nurse Practitioner 406-457-0000
Craig Hagen Maintenance Technician, Parker Medical Center 406-362-4603
Kami Huckins Administrative Assistant 406-459-8921
Christina Keener Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner 406-457-0000
Lisa Kenny Nurse Practitioner 406-457-0000
Cheyenne Kroll Medical Assistant 406-457-8890
Stacey Kummer Clinic Nurse 406-457-0000
Marina Kuntz Clinic Finance Director 406-457-8972
Penny Larsen Dental Assistant 406-457-8928
Natisha Lee Medical Assistant 406-457-8901
Mary Lehman Computer Support Specialist 406-457-8919
Dr. Chris Loomis Dentist 406-457-8928
Terri Losey Case Manager 406-461-0516
Helen Mahoney Executive Secretary 406-457-8971
Carole Manicke Clinic Nurse 406-457-0000
Marlo Manicke-Domier Patient Support Services Supervisor 406-457-8938
Rhonda McClure Administrative Assistant, Parker Medical Center 406-362-4603
Dr. Heather McRee Medical Director 406-457-0000
Jessica Menard Registered Nurse, Parker Medical Center 406-362-4603
DeVonne Petersen Administrative Assistant 406-457-8921
Cindy Rand Medical Administrative Assistant 406-457-8940
Melissa Riehl Care Manager/LPN 406-457-8984
Dr. Saul Rivard Physician 406-457-0000
Brenda Roberts Billing Specialist 406-457-8988
Vicki Roehl Administrative Assistant 406-457-8978
Lisa Schake Dental Assistant 406-457-8928
Kathryn Schindler Medical Records Clerk 406-457-8965
Makayla Schlieman Medical Assistant 406-457-8871
Joelle Selk Clinic Nurse 406-457-0000
Ruth Sowder Administrative Assistant 406-362-4606
Dr. Will Snider Physician 406-457-0000
Sharon Speck Licensed Clinical Social Worker 406-457-0000
Jill-Marie Steeley Executive Director 406-457-8956
Linda Swang Clinic Scheduling Nurse 406-457-8939
Christine Vaughn HIP Administrative Assistant 406-457-8896
Dr. Daniel Wordal Dentist 406-457-8928
Paula Wright Chief Operations Officer 406-457-8893
Tamara Zimmerman Clinic Nurse 406-457-0000