Richard Palmer

 In 2006, the city of Helena accepted ownership of a historic trolley car and charged the Helena & Lewis & Clark County with its restoration.

 A small group of Volunteers has been working on the project ever since. One of those volunteers is Richard Palmer. Richard visited the History Center at 58 North Last Chance Gulch a few years ago and became intrigued with a display on the trolley restoration there. Soon he was a regular participant in the Hands-On aspect of the project.

  In fact, he and George Hoff, the project supervisor, have been the two most active people in planning and doing actual work on the restoration.

 Richard’s contribution extends to helping George plan the work, conduct research on the physical components of the car, and find parts.  His most recent discovery, made while on a motorcycle trip to Virginia City was a cache of historic trolley seats.

 Our commission was eventually successful in negotiating the donation of these seats from the Montana Heritage Commission.

 Richards’s advice, and his many skills have proven invaluable to speeding the restoration of old Helena Trolley # 3 to its completion.

 We should add that Richard has made other contributions locally and elsewhere. He participates in church- supported humanitarian works in Central America and represents the U. S. Navy in the Armed Forces Honor Guard. Such dedication is generous on Richard’s part and is truly commendable.