Chere Jiusto

We are indeed very pleased to present the Herb Jacobson award for outstanding service and dedication to historic preservation this year.

Herb Jacobson, for whom the award is named, was a constant and energetic defender of historical places in our area. Those receiving the award exemplify such spirit and dedication and are certainly worthy of our special thanks. 

Helena has been treated to historical information of excellent quality for many decades. Past winners of the distinguished Herb Jacobson Award have been among those whose writings and activities help keep our history alive. It is our pleasure this year to include in that number our next Award Winner.

The name Chere Jiusto consistently appears in Helena’s historic literature. Early on, Chere assisted with a 1982 report associated with Urban Renewal. Her name appears on the frontispiece of that work, “Helena, A Historic City", along with Donald Byrd, and none other than our own Herbert L. Jacobson.

Throughout the intervening years, Chere has contributed significantly to the fund of historical Helena knowledge, whether it be by conducting exhaustive surveys of the city’s southern neighborhoods or by advocating the protection of its historic places. Her articles in the More from the Quarries of Last Chance Gulch articles are nuggets of fine research and artful writing. Her “Heart of Helena” and its accompanying guide is a constant reference for those thirsty for knowledge about Helena’s past.

 In every major preservation issue, Chere has campaigned on the side of history with conviction and passion, stressing the importance of heritage over other factors less enriching and momentarily convenient. The value of history, its educational, social and economic contributions to our community and the state of Montana are well understood by Chere Jiusto. Her admonitions to our city and county governments and to the state legislature point out how historic preservation is a resource, not merely an idea.

We have honored those who’s job it is to provide historical information before and it’s a credit to those who have received this award that regardless of their employment, the Historic Preservation Commission recognizes what lies at the heart of the contribution of these people – a love of Helena and Lewis and Clark County history. It is this love that turns their assignments into production for our local history, for attention to our local historic

preservation issues, for a commitment to our local preservation programs. Over the years, Helena and Lewis & Clark County have received the richest and most heartfelt devotion of these people and we are proud to recognize the efforts of Chere Jiusto in that regard.

Members of the Jacobson Family presented the award. Herb Jacobson in whose memory this special award is given was a great influence on the preservation of our area’s historic buildings.