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    21. Selected Invoices  
    Selected Invoices Checks for the week ending April 21, 2017 Amount 360 OFFICE SOLUTIONS $2,045.96 360 OFFICE SOLUTIONS,CK GRP-A $675.30 3-V DISTRIBUTING,...  
    22. Settlers Cove  
    District 1997-3 (AKA: Settler's Cove) Resolutions: 1997-66 1997-84 1997-105 2004-97 2009-66 2014-3  
    23. Evergreen Est  
    District 1994-4 (AKA: Evergreen Estates) (Douglas Circle & Jack Pine) Resolutions: 1994-125 1994-140 1994-155 1997-106 2011-100 2014-93  
    24. Sheep_Tagging_Form_2017.pdf  
    4-H MARKET SHEEP PROJECT 2017 Tagging Form This form must be turned in to the Extension office by May 3, 2017. A $5 late fee will be assessed on forms turned in after May 3 through tagging on May 7,...  
    25. Lake Helena Watershed Group  
    Rimini road project update 11-2015 Activities of the Lake Helena Watershed -Steering committee & watershed group meetings (four annual meetings) -Informational Newsletters ...  
    The Lewis and Clark County Public Works Department is soliciting competitive bids from interested parties for the purchase of bituminous asphalt pavement. All Bids must be in accordance with the...  
    27. Sample Ballots for May 2 School and Special District Elections  
    Sample ballots for the Helena School District, Tri Lakes Fire Service Area, and Lincoln Fire District elections are available here.  
    28. Court Approved Mediators  
    Lewis and Clark County Court Approved Mediator List  
    29. Coroner  
    Summary of Deaths 2008 - 2012 (PDF) Coroner (Bryan Backeberg) is responsible for establishing the cause and manner of all sudden, unexpected, and violent deaths, and those deaths that are, or could...  
    30. HIV and STDs  
    STDs on the Rise in County, Nation Who's at Risk for HIV? In the United States, HIV is spread mainly through anal or vaginal sex or by sharing drug-use equipment with an infected person. Learn...  
    Search results 21 until 30 of 2691