Elections Office Cleans Up Voter Rolls

Image of Broom Cleaning Data

This summer county elections offices in Montana will be conducting what we call the NVRA Process. It is our chance to clean up the voter rolls by removing people who have not responded to at least 2 notices from our office and have not voted or sent any communications to our office in the last 4+ years.

If you are registered to vote but did not vote in any of the recent elections (November 2016 – May 2017), we will not remove you from the rolls, but we will send a series of letters asking you to confirm or update your voter record. If you fail to respond to those letters, your voting record will be flagged as inactive – since you have not voted or responded, we have reason to believe you are no longer interested in voting or have moved away.

Don’t worry; even if your record is flagged as inactive, you are still a registered voter. Your status is reactivated if you request an absentee ballot or go to your polling place to vote. You can also reactivate your record by sending in an address update. Inactive voters are eventually removed from the voter rolls, but only if they don’t send in an update or vote in any elections for four years after they are flagged inactive.

For more information, contact the elections office at 406-447-8339.