Activities of the Lake Helena Watershed

    -Steering committee & watershed group meetings (four annual meetings)

    -Informational Newsletters

    -Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program-12 sites in watershed

    -2015 Annual Work Plan-

    -Annual Lake Helena Watershed Festival -

    -Voluntary Phosphorus Ban - Dishwater Detergents

    -Restoration work planned in watershed. -  3000 linear feet of Lower Prickly Pear Creek.

    -Noxious Weed workshops

    -Litter pickup

    -For more information on how to get involved, please call 457-8584. 

    Rimini road project update 11-2015

    Lake Helena Watershed Group

    Mission: "The mission of the group is to protect, improve, and maintain the watershed and to promote the voluntary and cooperative resource management of the Lake Helena watershed."

    2017 Steering Committee:  Jordan Tollefson (chair), Dick Sloan (vice-chair), Carolyn DeMartino (secretary), Kristy Fortman, and Jennifer McBroom (watershed coordinator).

    Lake Helena Watershed encompasses 402,000 acres or 620 square miles.  It is bounded by the Continental Divide to the west and by the Elkhorn mountains to the southeast.  Three major drainages are the Silver, Tenmile and Prickly Pear Creeks.  The major tributaries are Sevenmile, Warm Springs Creek, Lump Gulch, Clancy Creek and McClellan Creek.  Sixty-eight percent of the watershed lies in Lewis & Clark County and 32 percent in northern Jefferson County.  

    Three goals for the organization:

    • Enhance or maintain water quality and quantity within the basin with consideration of physical,chemical, and biological parameters.
    • Promote action plans that benefit drought management, flood management, and overall watershed health.
    • Provide educational opportunities for both the public and stakeholders regarding watershed issues.  

    Lake Helena Watershed Restoration Plan - (2016-2023)

    Map of Lake Helena Watershed 

    Coordinator: Jennifer McBroom 316 N Park Avenue, Room 220  Helena, MT  59623  Phone:(406) 457-8584    Email: jmcbroom(at)

    Beaver Control Workshop- Constructed on Sweeny Creek

    Beaver Deceiver Workshop was in early August.  Work was done on a culvert on Sweeny Creek off of HWY 12. Thanks to Amy Chadwick from Great West Engineering for designing and overseeing construction work and Steve Carpenedo from DEQ who helped fund the project along with the LHWG. View Brochure!

    Find Us

    Jennifer McBroom
    Lake Helena Watershed Coordinator

    Steering Committee Meetings - Meet the first Monday of every month at noon.  Meetings are located in the City-County building room 226. 

    New ** 2015 Volunteer Monitoring Program Data Results - Presentation


    Litter pick up this Friday from 3:30 to 5:00pm.  Meet at Chadwicks on Custer.  Bring gloves! 


    Running Water for Helena is scheduled for June 24th.  Starting at 8:00 am is the 5K and 10 mile run.  Register at  Find out where your drinking water comes from. 

    LHWG Activities & Watershed Group meetings