Horse Information

Lewis and Clark County Fair girl with rope
Lewis and Clark County Fair two horses

Upcoming Dates:

March 22nd – 6:00 p.m., Bill Hamilton Building

  • Helmet Workshop: Last time offered!

March 23rd - 6:30 p.m., Bill Hamilton Building

  • 911 for horses: Learn what tools and supplies should be in your ER kit.

Workbooks: Everyone should be working on their project books and record books. If you have any questions about these, please feel free to contact us. Members should have the Level portion done that corresponds with your completed riding level (e.g. Level 2 work should be completed if rider will be competing as a Level 3 for the 2018 fair; level 3 work should be started but is not required to be completed at the time of assessments). Don’t wait until the last minute to work on these — as parents you will definitely regret it and as kids it can be overwhelming at the last minute.

Rides: We will be scheduling clinics and rides starting in April.  We have lots planned and it will be a busy schedule. Riding assessments for the 2018 Fair will take place in May. Please communicate your Riding Level goals for the 2018 Fair to us as soon as you can.

Horse Project Information & Forms

2017-2018 Horse Policy Manual

Horse Bit Guidelines

Horse ID Form - Due May 25

Horseless Horse Enrollment Form

Required Horse Permission Form

Horsemanship Levels 4-7 (updated March 2012)

Ranch Horse Assessment Guides (updated December 2012)

Junior Horse Award

Senior Horse Award

Contact Information

Project Superintendents

Dawn Schneider, lcc4hhorseproject(at)
Peggy Bartmess, peggy(at)
Facebook: Lewis-Clark-County-4-H-Horse-Project

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