2017 Last Chance Stampede & Fair

July 25 - 29, 2017

"Barnyard Beach Party"

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Great job to all of our 2016 Round Robin participants.  Here are the scores:   Juniors     Seniors

Horse High Point Winners:

     Grand:  Savannah Schneider
     Reserve:  Brooke Whitney

     Grand:  Jordan Perry
     Reserve:  Wyatt Schneider

     Grand:  Miles Goroski
     Reserve:  JoleahAnn Parker 

Indoor High Point Winners:

Family & Consumer Sciences and Healthy Living
    Senior:  Teresa Patten
     Junior:  Philip Patten

Engineering and Natural Sciences
     Senior:  Elon Moffett
     Junior:  Natalya Routzahn

Express Arts and Leadership
     Senior:  Terra Gilchrist
     Junior:  Jonathon DeWald

Outdoor High Point Winners:

     Senior: Shalee Tamcke
     Junior:  Isabelle Lowry

     Senior: Justin Tofflemire
     Junior:  Becky deMontigny

     Senior: Janea Bodner
     Junior:  Madelynn Pandis

     Senior: Josie Hamilton
     Junior: Alexsis Sandoval

     Senior: Taylor Sanford 
     Junior:  Ainsley Saraco

     Senior: Vinessa Sanford
     Junior:  Alexsis Sandoval

     Senior: Justin Patten
     Junior:  Olivia Harris

     Senior: Jay Deaton
     Junior:  Isabelle Lowry



2016 Carcass results are in!  Check out how your animal did by clicking on the links below:

Steer         Carcass SOM Basics

Swine        Montana SOE Standards

Lamb         Certified Lamb Standards

Lamb Ultrasound

Goat          Goat Carcass Explanation

Goat Ultrasound    Goat Ultrasound Explanation

For information on open classes, rodeo, concert and other Fair activities visit the Fairgrounds website.

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