Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

Lewis and Clark County adopted this Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan in September 2011 to help guide and focus hazard mitigation activities. An update to this plan is under way.

The plan prioritizes and describes significant hazards to the community and identifies mitigation projects that can reduce their impacts. The purpose of the plan is to promote sound public policy designed to protect residents, critical facilities, infrastructure, private property, and the environment from natural and man-made hazards.

Part 1: Introduction, Planning Process, Community Profile

Part 2: Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis
               >  Wildfire
               >  Earthquake
               >  Structure Fire
               >  Flooding

Part 3: Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis (cont.)
               >  Railroad Accidents
               >  Hazardous Materials Incidents
               >  Dam Failure
               >  Severe Weather

Part 4: Mitigation Strategy, Capability Assessment, Plan Maintenance Procedures, References