Hazardous materials

The most common extremely toxic substances stored or transported in the county are  liquid propane gas and anhydrous ammonia. Montana Rail Link has a major line that runs along the southern part of the county through East Helena and Helena. About 20 trains pass through daily. Approximately 3% of the cars carry hazardous materials, the most common of which are anhydrous ammonia and liquid petroleum gas.

I-15 runs north and south through the county from Helena to the county line near Cascade. The other major highway is U.S. 12, which runs east-west through Helena and East Helena in the southern part of the county. About 1/4 of all trucks carry hazardous materials, and the most common of these are gasoline, liquid propane gas, chlorine and anhydrous ammonia.



1. Always stay upwind of a hazardous materials release and as far away as possible.

2. Evacuate immediately if you are told to do so.

3. If you are told to shelter in place, stay inside, close all doors, windows, vents, and shut off heating and air conditioning. Use towels and tape to seal off cracks along doors and windows. Stay where you are until you are told it is safe to leave.  For more information click on the Montana Survival Guide and go to page 20.

4. Stay tuned to local radio and TV stations for more information over the Emergency Alert System.

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