Lewis and Clark County Flood Information

Flooding at Rossiter School, May 9, 2018. Photo by Sheriff Leo Dutton
Flooding at Rossiter Elementary School in the Helena Valley, May 9, 2018. Photo by Sheriff Leo Dutton

2018 Flooding - Helena Valley

Please visit the Lewis and Clark County Emergency Facebook page for up-to-date flood information, or call the Disaster and Emergency Services at 406-447-8285.

Sandbags: Residents can dispose of unwanted sand and sandbags at the County Fairgrounds sandbagging site.

Volunteering: Salvation Army, 406-442-8244, helena.salvationarmy.org 

Red Cross Emergency Shelter: First Assembly of God Church, 2210 Dodge Ave., Helena. Call 1-800-ARC-MONT.

Helena Family YMCA, 1200 N. Last Chance Gulch, has offered use of its showers to those without water.

Bottled Water: If you've lost your water supply due to flooding, you can pick up free bottled water at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds sandbagging site or at the Salvation Army, 1905 Henderson in Helena. If you're unable to travel to either site, call the Salvation Army at 442-8244.

Road Closures:

May 22, 4 PM

  • All county roads in the Helena Valley have been reopened with the exception of Kerr Drive at Forestvale Road.

May 16, noon

  • Forestvale Road is now open between Green Meadow Drive and Montana Avenue.
  • Mill Road is closed between Hedges Drive and McHugh Drive.
  • McHugh Drive is closed between its intersections with Mill and Forestvale. 

May 15

  • Sierra Road between Green Meadow Drive and Montana Avenue has been reopened.

May 11, 1 PM

  • Sierra Road, Forestvale Road and Mill Road are all closed between Green Meadow Drive and Montana Avenue to everyone except people who live within the area.

May 10, 3 PM

  • McHugh Drive is closed from Motsiff Road to Rainier Road.
  • McHugh Drive is closed to through traffic (non-residents) from Rainier Road to Forestvale Road.
  • Forestvale Road is closed to through traffic from Kerr Drive to Carolina Drive.
  • Mill Road is closed to through traffic from just west of Hedges Drive to McHugh Drive.
  • Sierra Road is open to eastbound traffic only. Westbound traffic can use Center Drive and Shirley Road.

Health Impacts

Flood water mixes with everything it touches, including raw sewage, animal waste, pesticides, and other chemicals. You should assume that flood water is contaminated with bacteria, chemicals, and other disease-carrying germs. Even when the water subsides, clean-up can be risky.

Visit the Lewis and Clark Public Health website for information on how to handle your well, septic system, and food supply. And please discourage children from playing in flood water!


  • Residents with concerns about electrical infrastructure should contact NorthWestern Energy's Operations Call Center, 1-888-467-2669.
  • Do not dig trenches or holes to divert water without first calling a locator service to make sure utilities will not be compromised. Locator services are available by calling 8-1-1.
  • Flooding may create electrical hazards. If you suspect damage to your electrical system (for example, if wiring has been under water, wires are visibly frayed, or you see sparks), turn off the electrical system in the building. Do not turn it back on until electrical equipment has been inspected by a qualified electrician.


The forms below may be used to keep track of costs associated with flood damage, in case the state or federal government steps in to reimburse costs to individuals and businesses.

Lewis and Clark County Flood Plain Ordinance, Sept. 2012

Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FEMA National Flood Insurance Program   

For more information about flood mitigation and insurance, please contact Community Development and Planning at 406-447-8374 or via email at planning@lccountymt.gov.