Mental Health Local Advisory Council

The purpose of the Mental Health Local Advisory Council is to assist in the improvement of public mental health services in the local community and to review and make recommendations about local public mental health services, as well as provide input and recommendations to the Mental Health Oversight Advisory Council and the Service Area Authorities serving the community.


  • 1st Tuesday of the month
  • 12:00 p.m.
  • Intermountain






Board of County Commissioners

Contact Information:

Address: 316 N. Park Ave. Rm. 345, Helena, MT 59623
Phone:  406-447-8304
Fax:  406-447-8370





Term Expiration

Margaret Strachan Family Member 6/30/2019
Mike Noble Family Member 6/30/2018
Gary Mihelish Family Member 6/30/2020
John Wilkinson Family Member 6/30/2019
Melinda Hoskins Family Member 6/30/2019
David Torgenson Consumer 6/30/2020
Mary Protheroe Consumer 6/30/2020
Raynor Roberts Consumer 6/30/2019
Bob Funk Consumer 6/30/2018
Brian Coplin Consumer 6/30/2019
Matt Furlong Consumer 6/30/2021
Michelle Cuddy Provider of Adult MH Svc 6/30/2021
Kim Gardner Provider of Child MH Svc 6/30/2020
Vacant Ex-Officio 6/30/2015
Katie Jerstad Criminal Justice Legal Staff 6/30/2018
Cheryl Hunt St. Peter's Health 6/30/2019
Wynn Randall Helena Public Schools 6/30/2020
Jill Steeley PureView 6/30/2020
Melanie Reynolds     County Health Department 6/30/2020
Corey Livesay Law Enforcement 6/30/2017
Andy Hunthausen  County Commissioner  
Wilmot Collins Helena Mayor