Rural Communities Solid Waste Management & Don't Waste Montana

In 2010 we received a federal USDA Rural Communities Development grant for the Rural Communities Solid Waste Management project. The goal of this project is to increase access and knowledge about recycling and solid waste. In addition, we are working to educate people in rural communities about proper disposal of hazardous waste and pharmaceuticals. 

Our Don't Waste Montana Campaign provides the tools for rural communities to save money, conserve natural resources, and keep Montana beautiful for generations to come. The Don't Waste Montana campaign offers resources to help residents of Broadwater, Jefferson, and Lewis & Clark counties reduce consumption, find creative ways to reuse materials, and recycle what’s let over. Look for our campaign billboards, poster, magnets and stickers throughout the area.

In addition, we have created a Road to the Landfill educational curriculum for area schools to teach students about their waste trail.